“Be ready to pivot.”

Posted On March 27, 2017 by Jenifer Shockley

Alex MembrilloOn Thursday, March 30, approximately 350 of Robinson’s most accomplished students will be recognized at the college’s Honors Day celebration.

The annual event always includes an address by a successful Robinson College graduate, who imparts words of wisdom to the students and their loved ones who attend the celebration.

Google this year’s speaker, Alex Membrillo (B.B.A. ’08), and you’ll quickly learn the founder and CEO of Cardinal Web Solutions has plenty of bragging rights. 2016 Small Business Person of the Year in the Rising Star category. 2015 Digital Marketer of the Year. And the firm he founded in 2009 is growing 20 percent annually.

As for the secret of his success, the humble and affable Membrillo attributes it to “pivoting,” which will be the subject of his Honors Day remarks.

“The majority of my talk will be around pivoting, and how many pivots it took me to get to the point where I am. I’m going to tell how I got here, to the point of running a successful company, but I’m also going to discuss all the hiccups along the way,” Membrillo said.

The first hiccup for Membrillo’s fledgling company came fairly quickly, when he and his partner realized their company’s initial direction didn’t play to their strengths.

“We started as a web design company, then quickly realized we were bad at that,” he recalls. “So we pivoted to digital marketing, which worked and we were able to grow. It’s not the strong who survive; it’s the most adaptable.”

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