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Hall of Fame

The college’s annual Business Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Board of Advisors, is the highest recognition given by the college to distinguished business leaders for their efforts in advancing the principles of the free market system while serving Atlanta’s national and international business communities
The MAX Awards (Marketing Awards for Excellence) honor outstanding new products, new services or new ways to market that have been developed or launched by Georgia-based companies.

Ethics Advocate Award

The Ethics Advocate Award is a prestigious recognition of an individual who has been an effective agent of change – in a particular field or in the business community at large.

Women's Leadership Forum

Women’s Leadership Forum is a tribute to the growth of women’s leadership and an inspirational way to gather ideas from the brightest minds – all focused on empowering females in future and existing roles.

Financial Leadership Network

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The Financial Leadership Network fosters and promotes the professional development of leaders among the ranks of Atlanta-area finance executives at major companies.