Sales Executive RoundTable


Sales Executive RoundTable Director
Charlie Thackston

sales executive roundTable director
SOAR Performance Group

Administrative Director
Beth Alexander

department of marketing
GSU Robinson College of Business

The Sales Executive RoundTable (SERT) brings together the top sales officers from major firms located in the Atlanta area in order to facilitate professional development by giving its members the opportunity to network with their peers and to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field. The SERT was founded in 2012 by Stephen P. Young, retired SVP at MCI and Verizon and teaches in the Executive MBA Program at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business.

Member firms enjoy a special relationship with the faculty of Robinson’s Department of Marketing. In exchange for financial support and access to corporate resources, members receive advice and research assistance from the sales and marketing faculty as well as priority access to 1,500 graduate and undergraduate students who are concentrating their studies in sales and marketing disciplines.

The Sales Executive RoundTable provides programming designed to enhance member effectiveness in achieving organizational goals. Meetings are led by preeminent experts in sales or conducted as roundtable discussion on topics selected by members.

Membership is limited to 25 companies to ensure that executives can effectively network with their peers and enjoy thoughtful discussion of meeting topics.

Member Firms

Kaiser Permanente
Lexis Nexis
Neenah Paper
Premiere Networks/iHeart Media
ReFocus Consulting
State Farm Insurance
Verizon Enterprise Solutions